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karen's story

I used to be a director of Babycare TENS. Although I have not worked for the company for many years, I still swear by both TENS machines for childbirth and Babycare TENS.

I have no idea what i would have done without my TENS over the years. It just works. I recommend them to every mother to be.
Louise's story

I found Babycare TENS on the internet, but had already heard of it from my midwife. When I ordered, the TENS machine was delivered on time.

When the contractions began, my husband placed the electrode pads on my back and i switched it on. The pain relief was immediate. My epidiural did not work, so this was the only pain relief I got. I am very grateful to Babycare TENS.
From: Charlotte Zakss
Sent: 10 Jan 2011
Subject: Great Pain Relief
I just wanted to say the TENS machine practically saved my life during the birth of our daughter! We ended up stuck at home unable to get to the hospital and with no ambulance available to get to us. So the TENS was my only form of pain relief. Thank you!

From: Colette Ansell 
Sent: 06 January 2011
Subject: Wonderful Customer Service
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your organisation. Had it not been for the wonderful customer service i have received from both yourselves and lloyds pharmacy my labour experience would have been completely different. As for the product itself it is what i can only call an absolute lifesaver. It was easy to setup, use and really helped me so much.

My baby and I endured a labout which lasted more than 50 hours with noticable contractions (as it happens i was in labout for over a week without realising) as he was in a back-to-back position.

The babycare TENS came into its own; without it my labour would have been so much worse (and longer).

Hiring the babycare TENS was one of the best decisions I made when preparing for labour. I can not sing the praises of your product highly enough and will be advising all my pregnant girlfriends to go get one! Many thanks

From: Amy Dyerson
Sent: 10 December 2010
Subject: thanks
Thank you! This was a godsend during my labour - I didnt need any further pain relief!

From: A Bernfreed
Sent: 13 Oct 2010
Subject: Great Pain Relief
Thank you for providing me with great pain relief during my labour. Helped make it a great experience. Kind Regards

From: A Stancer
Sent: 6 Oct 2010
Subject: Wonderful Experience
Many thanks for the rental of this item. It made having my daughter a wonderful experience. Best Wishes

From: Mrs J Benton
Sent: 29 Sept 2010
Subject: Many Thanks
Many Thanks for such an easy way to hire a tens machine.

From: Sue Dunn
Sent: 23 March 2010
Subject: Brilliant machine
Many thanks - A brilliant machine worth its weight in gold!

From: Emma Parkinson
Sent: 24 February 2010
Subject: A welcomed distraction.
TENS are marvellous, effective pain relief and a welcome distraction!!

From: Jane Cook
Sent: 13 July 2009
Subject: Tens machine was amazing!
I just wanted you to know that the Elle tens machine was amazing. This was my forth child and I had wanted a water-birth, however I got so comfortable with the Elle tens that I did not want to lose the pain relief it was giving me so stayed with it. I would recommend it to anyone.

From: Sophie Adebayo
Sent: 19th May 2009
Subject: I couldn’t have done it without it!
I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing Tens machine that took a lot of the hard work out of both early and established labour with my 2nd baby.

I only wished I had one for my 1st labour which lasted a whopping 30 hours. I would definitely recommend the Elle tens to my pregnant friends.

From: EKoch-Schulte
Sent: 7th May 2009
Subject: No other pain killers.
It helped through most of labour, and needed no other pain killers.

From: Michelle Thornes
Sent: 21 April 2009
Subject: TENS machine offers control and pain relief.
I found that the tens machine helped me to remain in control during the contractions and working well with the entonox.

I discontinued using the tens when the birth pool became available. I feel that if it was not for the tens machine I would have had pethicline or an epidural.

Instead I had a natural delivery in the birth pool. I currently work as a midwife and I will be strongly advocating the tens machine to all mothers, as an effective method of pain relief especially during the early phase of labour, when you are at home. The tens machine helps you remain in control and helps with the pain. Once again thank you.

From: C Hill
Sent: 21 April 2009
Subject: A God send.
Helped massively with labour - A Gods send.

From: H Wroe
Sent: 7 April 2009
Subject: Amazing!
It was amazing, I wouldn’t have coped without it!

From: A Hancock
Sent: 7 April 2009
Subject: Excellent form of pain relief
TENS was excellent form of pain relief 2nd time round

From: G Service
Sent: 6 April 2009
Subject: Good Relief.
Happy with product. Good relief.

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