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Top 10 Ways To Sleep Better When You're Pregnant

1. Don’t drink or eat anything about 2 hours before going to bed. This could cause heartburn or reflux which will keep you awake.2. Your spine will feel more pressure when you’re pregnant, so rearranging different sized pillows to elevate your body…
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10 Facts About Your Unborn Baby

Your baby will have 300 bones:When your baby is born, he/she will have 300 bones in their body. Adults only have 206. Don’t be alarmed as the bones will end up fusing together to create the number we currently have.Your baby is hairy:All babies w…
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Writing Your Birth Plan

A birth plan is the perfect way to let midwives and doctors who will be caring for you during labour to know how you would like your birth to go. This can include things like preferences on pain relief, positions in labour and things you would lik…
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