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Why use maternity TENS and take the drug-free option?

During labour, Epidurals are usually safe but also come with the risk of a few side effects such as nerve damage, itchy skin, temporary loss of bladder control and low blood pressure. With this in mind, Babycare TENS has manufactured many models…
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The Importance of Contraction Times

When going into labour, one of the key pieces of information needed at the hospital are contraction times.Why are they so important?More often than not, many first time mums tend to arrive at the hospital before their labour has been established, a…
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*Competition* - Win an Obi TENS

The Obi TENS is a simple yet versatile maternity TENS machine. It is one of the most effective machines available today. Perfect for managing the early stages of labour at home.Ideal for labour, the Obi TENS can also be used for post-natal pai…
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