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Elle TENS Labour Bundle


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With your purchase of the Elle TENS you will receive an extra pack of labour pads, Acu-comb & Labour Massage Ball

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Introducing Elle TENS: Award-Winning Labour TENS Machine with Optimax Technology

Experience the unrivaled excellence of Elle TENS, the multi-award-winning Labour TENS machine equipped with Optimax technology. Designed to provide optimal pain relief and comfort during childbirth, Elle TENS has been recognized and celebrated by industry experts worldwide. Trust in the power of Elle TENS to elevate your birthing experience to new heights.

Unmatched Comfort and Support:

Elle TENS prioritizes your comfort and support during labour. With its ergonomic design and adjustable settings, this lightweight device seamlessly fits your body contours, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the birthing process. Take control of your pain relief with our user-friendly interface, allowing you to customize settings that suit your unique needs.

Effective Pain Management with Optimax Technology:

Harnessing the cutting-edge Optimax technology, Elle TENS offers advanced pain management like no other. This innovative technology optimizes the delivery of electrical pulses, providing precise and targeted pain relief during contractions. By stimulating the release of endorphins, Elle TENS with Optimax technology ensures a pain-free and empowered birthing experience.

Customisable to Your Preferences:

Elle TENS understands that every birth experience is unique. With a range of customizable features, you can personalize your pain relief with ease. Choose from a variety of pre-set programs and adjustable intensity levels to find the perfect combination that matches your specific needs and labor progression. Elle TENS ensures tailored support throughout your entire birthing journey.

Award-Winning Recognition:

Elle TENS has been bestowed with numerous prestigious awards, recognizing its exceptional performance and contribution to women's health. Among the accolades received are the "Best Maternity Product" at the Bizzie Baby Awards, the "Top Choice" award from Prima Baby and Pregnancy awards, and the "Innovation of the Year" title at the My Child Excellence Awards. These accolades highlight Elle TENS as the go-to choice for pain relief during labor.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Design:

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with Elle TENS' user-friendly and intuitive design. The clear and easy-to-read interface allows you to monitor and adjust your settings effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience during labor. Its compact size and ergonomic buttons make it convenient to use, while the long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted pain relief when you need it most.

Portable and Discreet:

Maintain your mobility and freedom during labor with Elle TENS' portable design. Its compact and lightweight construction allows you to move around and find comfortable positions, ensuring you can adapt to the changing needs of your body. The discreet appearance respects your privacy, allowing you to focus on the beautiful journey of childbirth.

Recommended by Midwives and Doulas:

Elle TENS is highly regarded and recommended by midwives and doulas, trusted professionals who play a crucial role in supporting women during childbirth. These experts recognize the effectiveness of Elle TENS in providing safe and drug-free pain relief during labour. Join the countless mothers who have received the support and guidance of midwives and doulas, and trust in their recommendation of Elle TENS for a positive birth experience.

Trust in Quality and Safety:

Elle TENS is dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. Our Labour TENS machine undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring reliable and consistent performance during your birthing experience. Developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals, Elle TENS is recommended by midwives and trusted by countless expectant mothers worldwide.

Embrace the Joy of Birth:

Prepare to embrace the joy of birth with Elle TENS by your side. Experience relaxation, pain relief, and empowerment as you bring new life into the world. Discover the transformative difference that Elle TENS can make in your birthing journey. Order your award-winning Elle TENS Labour TENS machine today, equipped with Optimax technology, and elevate your birth experience to unparalleled levels of comfort and support.


What's included

1 x Elle TENS unit

1 x Pack of 4 self adhesive electrodes (40mm x 100mm)

2 x Leadwires

2 x AA batteries

1 x Carrying pouch

1 x Easy-release neck cord

1 x Instruction manual

• 1 x Women's guide (download)

1 x EMC documentation


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