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10 Modern Day Slang Terms for Your Pregnancy

Finding out that you’re pregnant is such an amazing time for yourself and the anticipation to tell all of your family and friends is high. One of the most exciting things to do is the very first announcement. Second would probably be a gender reveal.…
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Maternal Mental Health Week – Perinatal

It’s Maternal Mental Health Week, a campaign that was launched in 2014 to reach out to families, mothers and the general public to raise awareness about the maternal mental health disorders that affect one in five mothers. These illnesses frequ…
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Norway's Noble Incontinence Conquerors!

Many Norwegian women are heading to their local pharmacy this weekend to purchase the authentic Body Clock SensaTONE unit, the market leader in Pelvic Floor Stimulators, a solution to ecologically resolve incontinence issues. 1 in 3 women suf…
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