The 'Birth' of Maternity TENS Machines and
Back in the early 1990s, Body Clock Health Care was often asked to supply a standard TENS machine for childbirth - usually by by medical professionals wanting pain relief during their own labour! Gradually, Body Clock received more and more requests. As a result, they developed the world's first TENS machine specially designed for the obstetric use, the 804OB.

In 1993, a young lady called Karen, the daughter of Body Clock's Managing Director, embarked on a BA Degree with the intention of becoming a high flying advertising executive. As part of her course she was asked to create the marketing and design strategy for a viable business. Karen chose to create a strategy for the TENS market. Her theoretical creation was a TENS company dealing exclusively with ladies in labour. She called it, BabycareTENS - this was her baby!

When she left university, rather than chase that advertising career, she put her theory into practice. The response was tremendous. BabycareTENS was exactly what countless females needed. We have grown from strength to strength, thanks to great product development and tremendous customer service. The trusty 804OB has now been superseded by newer, hi-tech models such as the Elle TENS and Obi TENS ranges, and many of our units now include contraction timers. The Elle TENS + even has a Pelvic Toning mode!

Finally, nothing pleases us more than to receive letters and e-mails telling us how our maternity TENS machines helped them during labour. Please send us your feedback, once you have used a BabycareTENS machine.