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Snuza Movement Monitor 74.95
Snuza Movement Monitor £74.95

Snuza technology offers a new generation baby-care aid that allows you to be sure that all is well with your baby's breathing. Leaps ahead of the competition and packed with features, the ingenious little Snuza Halo monitors your baby's breathing so accurately that, within seconds, you would be alerted if there were any irregularity. This is wonderful news for parents. It means you have peace of mind knowing that you need never give a second thought to breathing irregularity.

  • 100% go-anywhere mobility
  • Vibration stimulus to resume breathing
  • Visual & audible alarm if breathing ceases
  • Hypo-allergenic (no skin irritation)
  • Extensively hospital tested
  • Ergonomically designed, easy to use
  • Patented leading edge sensing technology
  • Complies with international standards
  • Endorsed by paediatricians
  • Handy protective carry case included
  • One year warranty
If your baby were to stop breathing for 15 seconds, Snuza Halo will vibrate to stimulate resumption of your baby's natural breathing rhythm. If, after 5 more seconds breathing has not resumed, audible and visual alarms are activated to alert you to act.

PEACE OF MIND Snuza alleviates parenting anxiety by keeping watch on your baby's breathing while you're busy with other important stuff... like having some well deserved rest. Wondering why your baby is so quiet should be a relief, not a worry. So relax, Snuza Halo will alert you should there be any concerns with your baby's breathing.

Most infant deaths occur without warning when the baby stops breathing. In many cases, the situation goes unnoticed and resuscitation is not initiated. Even when a baby's death cannot be prevented; it is still in the parent's interest to know about the event immediately rather than many hours later. A Snuza Halo monitor could give the parents that "peace of mind" in knowing that they did everything humanly possible. The benefits of having a Snuza Halo monitoring your baby's breathing far outweighs the risk and anxiety experienced by parents, should an apnoea attack occur without a monitor.

Snuza Halo is designed to assist the caregivers, it does not absolve parents of their responsibilities nor does it replace them.


Nanny Breathing Monitor 74.95
Nanny Breathing Monitor £74.95

Monitors the breathing and movements of an infant.

  • Triggers acoustic and visual alarm after 20 seconds without breathing or if breathing rate drops to below 8 breaths per minute.
  • Nanny's ultra-sensitive pad is the largest on the market.
  • Nanny is the only monitor that can be upgraded to use two ultra-sensitive sensor pads.
  • Operates on regular AA household batteries for safety and simplicity.
  • For mattresses up to 14cm.
  • Fully portable.
  • Low battery life indicator.
  • 2 year warranty
Carries complete CE registration as a medical device and complies with 93/42/EC Device Directive.

Used in hospitals throughout Europe.


Nanny Breathing Add. Pad 25.99
Nanny Breathing Add. Pad £25.99

A second pad may become necessary after 6 months as the baby moves around the cot when sleeping. The Nanny baby breath monitor is shipped with one pad this is because the most risk to a baby from cot-death occurs within the first 6 months of birth. Two pads will protect an entire cot. Some customers buy additional pads so they have less to carry when visiting relatives.
  • Sensor mat Dimensions 350 mm x 550 mm x 15 mm * Material PVC-P resistant to normal cleansers and sterilization agents.


Safababy Sleeper 19.99
Safababy Sleeper £19.99

  • Suitable from birth
  • Promotes the 'feet to foot' sleeping position
  • Ensures your baby does not get too hot or too cold
  • Helps to promote safety and comfort for small babies
  • Adjusts to fit cots and cot beds
  • Makes blankets and top sheets safe again, no need for sleeping bags
  • Designed in line with European Standards for costs BSEN716


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