What is Lightening Crotch?

Lightening crotch (or lightening pain) is a sudden sharp, almost stabbing pain felt in the pelvis, vulva or rectum during pregnancy. It happens very quickly and can be felt down the legs.

Although painful, this doesn’t necessarily mean your baby is coming at that very moment. Throughout pregnancy, these types of pain can be felt when your baby is moving around, kicking or flying their elbows around, which evidently will hit a collection of nerves by the cervix. There’s also the case of when your baby is moving towards the birth canal, their head will put a lot of pressure on this area which will cause this sudden sting of pain.

Being in certain positions may trigger the lightening pain, but realistically, it doesn’t usually mean anything drastic, it’s just that the nerves in that area are being triggered, and in return, you feel that pain. It’s also a signal that you are coming up to your delivery day, but as mentioned before, this doesn’t mean at this very moment you’re about to go into labour, it’s just an indication and it can happen weeks before you are due. There have been some cases where women have felt the pain but mixed with the other factors such as feeling their cervix dilate, regular contractions and leaking of fluid. This would be the indication that you may be in labour.

There are a few ways to you can reduce the pain during pregnancy:

Stay active and work out! - This will not only help with the baby weight gain, but will help to loosen your joints, flex your muscles and help you feel more comfortable. Stretching in the hip area is a key spot. Swimming also helps to take the pressure off your body.

Get a massage - A pregnancy massage is also the perfect partner for lightening pain. Relax, release the pressure and you’re good to go.

Wear a support brace – A support brace will help to lift and support your belly, and will take some of the pressure off your joints, hips and cervix.