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Introducing Elle TENS Plus: Multi-Award Winning Labour TENS Machine with Contraction Timer, Birth Mode, General Pain Mode, Pelvic Mode, and Unmatched Comfort

Experience the ultimate versatility and control during childbirth and pain management with Elle TENS Plus. This multi-award-winning Labour TENS machine offers a range of advanced features, including a contraction timer, Birth Mode, General Pain Mode, and Pelvic Mode. Take charge of your birthing experience and pain relief with Elle TENS Plus, trusted by experts and celebrated by mothers worldwide.

Contraction Timer: Stay Informed and Empowered

Elle TENS Plus features a built-in contraction timer that allows you to accurately track the duration and frequency of your contractions. Stay informed about the progress of your labour, enabling you and your birth partner to make informed decisions and effectively manage the birthing process. The contraction timer empowers you to stay in control and optimize your pain relief strategies.

Birth Mode: Tailored Pain Relief for Labour

Elle TENS Plus offers a dedicated Birth Mode designed specifically for labour. Experience effective pain relief during contractions, enabling you to navigate the birthing process with greater comfort and confidence. The device utilizes TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to deliver gentle electrical pulses that block pain signals and promote the release of endorphins, your body's natural pain-fighting hormones. Embrace a more manageable and empowering birth experience with Elle TENS Plus.

General Pain Mode: Versatile Relief for Various Conditions

Beyond childbirth, Elle TENS Plus provides versatile pain relief with its General Pain Mode. Whether you're dealing with back pain, menstrual cramps, joint discomfort, or other types of general pain, this mode offers targeted relief tailored to your specific needs. Easily adjust the settings to personalize the intensity and frequency of the electrical pulses, allowing you to reclaim comfort and improve your quality of life.

Pelvic Mode: Strengthen and Tone Your Pelvic Floor

Elle TENS Plus goes beyond pain relief with its Pelvic Mode, which allows you to engage in pelvic floor toning exercises. Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles to support postpartum recovery, enhance bladder control, and improve overall pelvic wellness. Incorporate pelvic floor exercises into your routine using Elle TENS Plus and regain confidence in your body's strength and functionality.

Unparalleled Comfort and Support:

Elle TENS Plus is meticulously designed to prioritize your comfort throughout your birthing journey and pain management. With its ergonomic construction, Elle TENS Plus ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on the miracle of childbirth or managing your pain. The device's customizable settings and intuitive interface enable you to personalize your pain relief experience according to your unique needs in each mode.

Multi-Award Winning Excellence:

Elle TENS Plus has received numerous prestigious awards, recognizing its exceptional performance and contribution to women's health. From "Best Maternity Product" at the Mother & Baby Awards to the "Top Choice" award from BabyMaternity Magazine, these accolades highlight the trust and recognition Elle TENS Plus has earned in the industry. Join the community of satisfied users who have experienced the transformative benefits of this award-winning device.

User-Friendly Design and Functionality:

Elle TENS Plus offers a user-friendly experience with its clear interface and intuitive controls. Effortlessly monitor and adjust settings, including mode selection, timer, and intensity levels, ensuring optimal pain relief and toning. The device's portable and discreet design allows you to move freely and discreetly, adapting to your needs wherever you go.

Recommended by Midwives and Doulas:

Elle TENS Plus is highly regarded and recommended by midwives and doulas, trusted professionals who play a crucial role in supporting women during childbirth. These experts recognise the effectiveness of Elle TENS Plus in providing safe and drug-free pain relief during labour. Join the countless mothers who have received the support and guidance of midwives and doulas, and trust in their recommendation of Elle TENS Plus for a positive birth experience.

Trust in Quality and Safety:

Elle TENS Plus is committed to providing quality and safety in every aspect. Rigorously tested and recommended by healthcare professionals and midwives, Elle TENS Plus ensures reliability and peace of mind


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