Laboraide - Twin Pack


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A natural pain-free labour is on most women's birth plans but the pain of labour can alter those plans as nature takes its course. Laboraide gives you the opportunity to take back control of your labour. Using Laboraide during the second stage of labour is a natural way to help reduce the pain and the great thing about Laboraide is that you can still use additional pain relief methods such as GAS and AIR, a TENS machine, a BIRTHING POOL or have an epidural with your Laboraide in place.\n\nBy using Laboraide during labour, you can bite down as hard as you want to without any risk to your teeth. Indeed it is not uncommon for women to damage their teeth during labour (usually on their gas and air nozzle) as the desire to bite down on something can be so strong. Biting down on Laboraide can help eliminate this damage.

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