Baby Proofing Your Home

When your little one has discovered how to travel on their knees and then their feet, your home will become essentially a danger zone. As they explore, there are a few safety measures you can put into place to make their environment less hazardous. Here are a few tips on keeping your baby safe:

Hard edges

It may not look like a dangerous piece of furniture, but you’d be surprised that the coffee table in the middle of your living room or the miniature chest of drawers is an accident waiting to happen. To resolve this, any type of furniture that is below knee-height with hard sharp edges should be covered with cushioned corner guards and edge protector strips.


As an adult, you may hate stairs as the climb could be exhausting, but for your little one, this is another exciting challenge they will definitely want to explore, which again is a very dangerous activity. To solve this, buy a stair-gate. If you’re worried about drilling holes into your walls, there are styles available where they just slot into the space without drilling.


Lower kitchen cupboards are a magical place for your little one. Open it up to see what’s inside! Unfortunately they will be filled with cleaning products, bulk buys of jarred sauces and whatever else you put in there. This isn’t the best thing for your little one to be playing with, so to resolve this, buy a few cupboard and draw locks.


Loose, coloured wires are like a jungle for your little one. The temptation to pull and tug on them and to wrap themselves in them is very strong, so strong that it will happen without fail. Let’s resolve this buy unplugging appliances and chargers when not in use. Also avoid running wires under rugs as you won’t know if they are damaged. Replace worn out wires, tape up cables and keep an eye on faulty wires and sockets. Speaking of sockets, make sure these are switched off when not in use and invest in some plug socket covers. Tiny fingers will find their way into these during exploration.

Fireplaces and Heaters

Regularly test your smoke alarms and invest in a fireguard. Fireguards are required by law, and always keep a fire extinguisher handy.

These little measures will keep yourself and your family safe. Momlovesbest have put together a fantastic checklist which you can download right here