How To Get A Baby On Board Badge

Travelling on public transport is a great way to get around quickly, but can be very stressful, especially when you’re pregnant. It’s not only stressful, but during rush hour times, over crowding and so on, it can be dangerous for yourself and the baby. Unfortunately, not everyone will automatically get up to offer you a seat, even when it’s dead obvious that you’re pregnant. You may only be a few months pregnant so you’re not showing at all, but you are still pregnant. This is where the Baby on Board badge comes in.

Wearing this badge is like a coat of arms. It’s shouting out that yes you are pregnant and you need to sit down. You shouldn’t need to feel embarrassed or nervous to ask for a seat either, especially when you’re wearing the badge.

How do you get this badge? Follow the link below, and you’ll be able to fill out the form with you details and a badge will be sent over to you.

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