Top 10 Ways To Sleep Better When You're Pregnant

1. Don’t drink or eat anything about 2 hours before going to bed. This could cause heartburn or reflux which will keep you awake.

2. Your spine will feel more pressure when you’re pregnant, so rearranging different sized pillows to elevate your body will help to relive your back pain and make you more comfortable.

3. Temperature control is very important. Being pregnant, you may feel hot most of the time so reducing the temperature in your room will help with your comfort and sleep. Being too hot and stuffy will keep you up. Also try sleeping with a duvet with a lower tog.

4. Before heading off to sleep, it’s always best (whether you’re pregnant or not) to stay away from any external stimulation, this includes smartphones, tablet, laptops, TV, books etc. Noise and light for most people can become a distraction and keep you up.

5. Stay away from activities such as late night workouts and deep cleaning. This will release adrenaline which will definitely keep you awake at night.

6. Train your body to identify your bed with rest. This means staying away from it during the day. Don’t use it to do work on it, go on your laptop etc. This way when it comes to bedtime, your body will be grateful and enjoy the comfort of your bed more.

7. Again, switch the lights off and make your room quiet, dark and cosy. If there’s anything in your room that has a bright light, try to turn it away from you. Close your curtains and blinds so the natural light in the morning doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

8. If you nap during the day, try to keep them short and sweet. Too much sleep during the day in one sitting will make you feel groggy. Have multiple 30 minute intervals of naps if you need to but try not to stay longer than this as you will enter the deep sleep stage which will make it harder for you to wake up.

9. Take a warm bath as this will make you relaxed and drowsy. Your body temperature will also drop as soon as you get out of it.

10. To reduce the pressure on your uterus, you should sleep on your side. This position will also help you to breathe better and help any back pains you may be feeling.