​When do babies have their first laugh?

It is the sound all new parents crave to hear; a sound that brings about feelings of joy and accomplishment, a baby’s first laugh! That bubbly, happy, oh so cute giggle just warms all hearts. Not only is it completely adorable, it’s a stage in your baby’s development. If your baby has begun cooing and gurgling then it is very likely that soon they will start laughing!

When should I expect my baby to start laughing?

All babies are different and rightly develop at different rates, but for many babies they blast their first LOL (laugh out loud) at around 3-4 months old. You may think this laugh is a response to your top notch stand-up comedy skills but unfortunately early laughter is reflexive, which means their first laugh can come out of the blue. It may come as response to seeing their favourite toy, person or even pet. Not only is their first laugh extremely adorable, but actually helps the baby recognise their own voice, respond to reactions and overtime gain key social skills.

How can I encourage my baby to laugh?

There are so many ways to encourage this, for example you can pull funny faces, make silly sounds or do a bit of a dance. As the little one continues to develop, their laughter becomes more of a physical reaction to something that feels good such as tickling, peekaboo’s or blowing on their stomach.

What should I do if my baby hasn’t laughed yet?

Relax mamas and papas, babies are a tough crowd. All babies have their own individual personalities; just like adults (we all have that one friend who laughs at everything and another friend who requires a little more effort to start giggling). It all takes time and your baby will develop at their own pace; in the meantime keep trying to help them to develop this all important social skill. If you are however still concerned, there is no harm asking the doctor at baby’s next check-up.