10 Facts About Your Unborn Baby

Your baby will have 300 bones:

When your baby is born, he/she will have 300 bones in their body. Adults only have 206. Don’t be alarmed as the bones will end up fusing together to create the number we currently have.

Your baby is hairy:

All babies will develop a fine hair called lanugo which is all over the body. This creates a temperature-regulating layer. However, your baby will shed it into the amniotic fluid and will eat it and then excrete it out after it’s born. Now you know what their first poop is!

Your baby’s heart is wonderful:

It takes about a month after conception for your baby to develop its heart. This can only be detected by an ultrasound.

Your baby can already cry:

Babies can cry in the womb from about 26 weeks from conception. This doesn’t mean that they are sad; it’s just your baby testing out their lungs for the big day. Crying is a natural way of communication for babies.

Your baby is learning a language:

Babies pick up rhythms and intonations of their mother’s language in the womb.

Your baby smells the same thing you can:

From about 28 weeks, your baby can smell the same things as you. This is one of the first senses your baby develops. Their senses of smell are very strong at this stage and will move around and get agitated when exposed to an unpleasant smell.

Your baby loves sweet stuff:

At about 15 weeks, babies can detect flavours in the womb. The food you eat will change the flavour of the amniotic fluid. Babies have shown a preference for sweet flavours by swallowing more fluid when it’s sweet.

Your baby doesn’t have knee caps:

Babies don’t develop knee caps until around 6 months after birth.

Your baby’s eyes:

When your baby is born, they will already have 75% of their adult sized eye.

Your baby’s due date:

Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date!